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Aluminum Mainstream Sealant Product Performance PK
Feb 12, 2018

Door and window sealant is commonly used in the construction of doors and windows curtain wall components, such as glass and pressure strip, glass and fan, box and fan and other parts, the design idea is through the extrusion deformation of doors and windows sealing effect on the air, liquid, dust, etc. To form a barrier, in order to achieve insulation doors and windows, noise, warmth, dust, water and other effects. Therefore, the doors and windows sealed tape to have good resilience, sealing, weatherability, can play a heat insulation, noise, dust and water and other effects.

    Although the proportion of doors and windows seal smaller, but the role can not be overlooked. Poor quality doors and windows seal is not only environmentally friendly, which contains the smell, will cause harm to your body, pollute the air. At present, the mainstream products of sealant commonly used in aluminum alloy doors and windows are: PVC, EPDM, TPV, silicone rubber, etc., each having its own advantages and inferior in performance.

    First, PVC sealant

    Performance: Pollution of the environment in the production process, product weathering is poor, the overall physical and mechanical properties of poor, in case of low temperature will be hardened, shrinkage and cracking. Can be welded.

    Proportion: high 1.5g / cm3; mid-range 1.6g / cm3; low 1.7g / cm3.

    Life: 1-3 years. As PVC products contain halogen, stabilizer contains heavy metals, it is not environmentally friendly, so the developed countries and the domestic coastal cities have eliminated or restricted the use of PVC tape.

    Recommended index: not recommended.

    Second, EPDM (EPDM) doors and windows sealed tape

    Performance: Has good weather resistance, anti-ozone, anti-aging properties; good physical and mechanical properties of the complex; on the photo-oxidation is also very good. Not adjustable color, not welding.

    Specific gravity: 1.3-1.35g / cm3

    Life: 20 years or more, product environmental protection, product construction is simple, seepage, leak-proof, stop water effect.

    Recommended index: The general project is not recommended for use in non-freezing areas.

    Third, TPV (thermoplastic elastomer) doors and windows sealed tape

    Performance: excellent anti-ozone, weather aging performance; good overall physical and mechanical properties, the optical oxidation is also very good. Color adjustable, solderable

    Proportion: 1.05-1.15g / cm3

    Life: more than 25 years

    Recommended index: Recommended for cold areas.

    Fourth, silicone rubber doors and windows sealed tape

    Performance: superior ozone resistance, weathering resistance; excellent elasticity and good compression set; color, color fastness. Can not be welded.

    Specific gravity: 1.18-1.25g / cm3

    Life: more than 50 years.

    Recommended index: cold areas / high-end projects recommended

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