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A Brief Introduction To The Task Of Pile Weather Strip Production Mixing Strip
Jan 07, 2018

Combing the wool system to the raw material mixing requirement is high, in addition to the process in the production of loose fiber mixing, in the spinning, but also to carry the top mixing, that is, mixed strip. The blending is done on a mixed machine. Mixing machine is usually arranged before the first spinning gilling, strip dyeing products to eliminate chromatic aberration, after the washing also need to go through the mixer.

The task of mixing is to be different nature, different colors of the tops, according to the process requirements of the combined, draft, made in line with the next process requirements of the top. Different kinds of tops through the mixing process of uniform mixing, not only to obtain the required blending ratio and color, but also to the top of the fiber straight parallel to improve the dry hair, to reduce the heavy expensive unevenness. In the mixed strip, can also be in accordance with the top oil and moisture regain, and then add the appropriate amount of oil, water and anti-static agent, in order to reduce the processing process of fiber damage and static electrical phenomenon.