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what is weather stripping
Sep 05, 2017

     Door and window weather stripping ,widely be used in Plastic-steel door and window, Aluminium door and window ,wooden door and window,and furniture.The weather stripping mainly to seal the gap between the frame.During the production and installation of the door and window ,the weather stripping is a necessary accessories;although its cost in total door and window is very small,while its function and role should not be ignore.

     The weather stripping normally be installed in frame of door and window to seal the gap between frame and fan.The size is the key factor to affect the sliding of door & window and the sealing performance,also the important factor to Influence door and window switch force.

     For example,if the size of weather stripping too big or pile height too higher,not only difficult in assembling, but also makes the door and window mobile resistance increase, especially when the initial resistance and the closing time of the initial resistance are larger.If the size too small or pile height too lower ,it is easy out of profile and can not function well in sealing.

     Weather stripping have silicone (water-proof ) and non-silicone(non water-proof),but silicone weather stripping is function better and with long service time.We suggest choose silicone goods.

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