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What is a seal
May 16, 2018

What is a seal? 

The name of the seal is to seal the desired product. The product can achieve shock absorption, sound insulation, fixed, dust and other effects, making it difficult to separate. PU coating seals are generally used in automobile industry, and have been used in window and window industry in recent years.

PU coated sealing strip has good advantages: the performance and service life are equivalent to the epdm rubber seal. The processing energy consumption is lower than that of propylene oxide (equivalent to PVC). It does not contain the heavy metals such as halogen and lead, and can be recycled after several years to meet the requirements of green building materials. The ratio of small (0.9-0.95) is high. It seems that the purchase price is high and the actual cost is low.

Some product features of PU coated seal strip:

1) light weight, large scale, non-absorbent (alternative to traditional three oil four felt, bituminous wood and other materials). Product environmental protection, construction is simple, impervious, leakproof, water stop effect is good.

2) corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to high and low temperature 80 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃ not flowing, not deformation, not brittle, long service life.

3) with independent opening bubble structure, special type joint plate appearance for honeycomb holes evenly distributed, without a hair can be closely with cement/sealant adhesion, changes to adapt to the natural expansion shrinkage, enhance joint seal effect of expansive water stop.

The current PU coating seals are mainly material and quality. Good PU coated seals can be used for longer life and better quality. The sealing strip manufacturer can provide the highest quality PU coating sealing strip and the most intimate service.