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What are the material of the sealing strip
Mar 26, 2018

Epdm (foam, the chamber of secrets), nitrile butadiene, rubber, silicone, chloroprene rubber, polyurethane rubber, thermoplastic vulcanizates, plasticization of PVC, and so on, specific to see what kind of more suitable all myself

Epdm seal strip

Excellent comprehensive performance, with the ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to a variety of polar solute, relative density is small. The disadvantage is that large amount of expansion in the general mineral oil and lubricating oil, are generally dark products. Use temperature range - 60 ~ + 150 ℃. Can be applied to high temperature, strong cold, coastal, ultraviolet radiation region and the high-level architecture. With its applicability is wide and comprehensive performance is excellent, received the recognition from the Windows and doors industry at home and abroad.

Silicone rubber sealing strip

With outstanding resistance to high and low temperature properties, resistance to ozone and weather resistance. Has excellent hydrophobic and appropriate permeability; Has the incomparable insulation performance; Can meet the food hygiene requirements of health level, can satisfy the requirement of all sorts of color. Faults is worst in mechanical strength in the rubber, oil resistant.

Using the temperature range 100 ~ + 300 ℃. Can be applied to high temperature, strong cold, ultraviolet radiation area and the high-level architecture.

Neoprene sealing strip

Compared with other special rubber, individual performance is poor, but the total balance of good performance. Have excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, thermal aging and oil resistance, solvent resistance, good chemical resistance and excellent flame resistance, good adhesive properties. Storage stability is poor, hard phenomenon will occur in the process of storage, cold resistance is not good. Relative density is bigger. As a general rule, be black products.

Used in oil resistant, heat resistant, resistant to environment. Use temperature range - 30 ~ + 120 ℃. Acid and alkali to

Nitrile rubber sealing strip

Main characteristic is oil resistant, solvent resistance, but not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbon medium, the elastic and mechanical performance is very good. Defect is the ozone oxidation and easy aging crack, cold resistance, low temperature resistance is poor. Use temperature range - 30 ~ + 120 ℃

Polyurethane rubber sealing strip

Has good flexibility and excellent abrasion resistance, good oil resistance, wide range of hardness can be adjusted (shaw A hardness 65 ~ 65 degrees), superior mechanical properties (tensile strength, tensile elongation), excellent cold resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion performance, the higher the price of raw materials. As can be recycled material. Can meet the requirements of all sorts of color.

Use temperature range - 60 ~ + 80 ℃. Suitable for near earthquakes, railway or with the area of intense shaking, such as the workshop of high-power crane and ultraviolet irradiation strongly region.

Thermoplastic vulcanizates

Sealing strip

With rubber flexible and elastic and plastic processing methods for production are available, and no sulfide, waste recycling, and used again. Wide is the performance of materials, good heat resistance, cold resistance, relative density is small, oil resistance, solvent resistance and neoprene, compression permanent deformation resistance and good wear resistance, etc. Not so good. Can meet the requirements of all sorts of color

Use temperature range - 40 ~ + 150 ℃. Can be applied to cold, and the high-level architecture.

Plasticized PVC sealing strip

Material was cheap, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, and all kinds of chemical medium, combustion resistance, high mechanical strength. Defect is coordinate system plasticizer migration, over time become hard brittle, lose elasticity, ageing resistance, weather resistance and low temperature performance is poor. As a general rule, be dark products.

Apply Yu Guangzhao is not strong, the temperature change is not big, climate condition is not bad.

Surface coating materials

Is in the surface of the sealing strip coating materials such as polyurethane, silicone, ptfe, to replace the traditional process on the surface of flocking. The sealing strip after coating has good wear resistance, smoothness, especially the coated silica gel sealing strip after the surface coatings, surface friction coefficient, is advantageous to the sliding door to door.

Suitable for with sliding door, casement Windows and doors. Is a traditional range of alternatives