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Type of seal strip
May 16, 2018

Type of seal strip

1. Silicone rubber seal tape.

Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, ozone and weather resistance; Excellent hydrophobicity and proper permeability; Has unparalleled insulation performance; Can meet the hygienic level of food sanitation requirements, can meet the requirements of various colors. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is the worst in the rubber material, not oil resistant. Using the temperature range 100 ~ + 300 ℃. It can be applied to high temperature, cold, ultraviolet radiation and high - rise buildings.

2. Chloroprene rubber seal tape.

It has excellent weatherability, ozone resistance, heat aging resistance and solvent resistance, good chemical resistance and excellent flame resistance, good adhesion. The storage stability is poor, and the hardening phenomenon will occur during the storage process, and the cold tolerance is not good. Relatively dense. Usually black products. It is used in oil - resistant, heat-resistant and demanding environment. Use temperature range - 30 ~ + 120 ℃.

3. Acid and alkali should be nitrile rubber seal strip.

The main features are oil - resistant and solvent - resistant, but not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons. The elastic and mechanical properties are good, and are recyclable materials. Can meet all kinds of color requirements. Use temperature range - 60 ~ + 80 ℃. It is suitable for strong vibration areas such as the earthquake-prone area, the railway near the railway or the plant with high power crane, as well as the strong area of ultraviolet radiation.

Iv. Thermoplastic vulcanized rubber.

The sealing rubber strip has the flexibility and elasticity of rubber, which can be produced by plastic processing method without vulcanization, waste can be recycled and reused. It is a material with wide range of performance, good heat resistance, good cold resistance, low relative density, oil resistance, solvent resistance and chloroprene rubber. It is not very good to compress permanent deformation and wear resistance. Can meet the requirements of all sorts of color use - 40 ~ + 150 ℃ temperature range. It can be applied to cold and high-rise buildings.

5. Plasticized polyvinyl chloride.

The sealing tape is cheap and easy to use. It has corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and various chemical media. It is resistant to combustion and high mechanical strength. The disadvantage is that it is easy to migrate with plasticizer in the system, and it becomes brittle and brittle with the extension of time. It loses elasticity, does not bear aging, and has poor weatherability and low temperature performance. The sealing strip after coating has good wear-resisting, smooth, especially the sealing strip after coating the coating of silica gel coating, the surface friction coefficient is small, it is advantageous to the sliding of door window fan.