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TPE sealant the main performance and characteristics
Feb 26, 2018

With the development of science and technology in our country and the progress of industry, TPE-made raw materials have been able to replace imported products and are gradually applied in the fields of automobiles, trains, wires, windows and doors. The ultra-high cost performance of TPE sealant has become the key to replace traditional rubber strips EPDM, PVC, silicone, etc.) the best material.

So do as the market favor TPE door and window seal in the end What are the advantages? In general TPE sealant the main performance and features are as follows:

1, Excellent high and low temperature resistance: The service temperature can reach -50ºC to + 110ºC, and the change of hardness does not exceed 4HA at the temperature from -20ºC to + 40º, which is better than the traditional material PVC and EPDM sealing strip.

2, the thermal conductivity of less than 0.2W / (m • K), is a thermal insulation material to enhance the thermal insulation properties of windows and doors to reduce energy consumption.

3, good resilience, high tear strength: under the conditions of 30% compression, 70 ℃ × 24h, the compression set is 22%, the tear strength is 50 KN / M under the test of ASTM D624;

4, excellent processing performance: According to the profile color special all kinds of color tape, white tape, transparent tape, etc., uniform color, fade, decorative strong, to enhance the level of doors and windows.

5, for thermal welding: corner welding can fundamentally solve the problem of unsmooth corner seal, glue cracking and other issues, the welding process is simple, high efficiency, high welding strength, easy installation after welding, but also save the corner, glue and other costs , Is being applied by more and more high-end door and window enterprises.

6, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-polluting: Does not contain carcinogens such as nitrite, non-heavy metals, non-irritating odor, no harm to the human body, the environment, are green products. Products through the SGS certification, in line with the EU ROHS directive, especially for export-oriented enterprises is essential.

7, Low material density: no calcium powder and other filler in the production process. The density of the product is 0.93-0.98, which is only about 67% of the EPDM sealing material. The window weight of the same weight adhesive tape is 1.3-1.4 times of EPDM.

8, anti-aging performance is good: the normal life of not less than 20 years. On the UV, acid rain, ozone, humid air, arc have good tolerance. Will not appear hardened, the flow of oil, shorten the phenomenon, long-term to ensure the sealing performance of doors and windows.

9, stable performance: The National Academy of Building Research (compatibility testing) qualified products without precipitates, the window profiles on the surface coating (water-based paint, oil paint) will not be contaminated, to ensure that the contact surface with the tape yellow, Black traces, improve the quality of doors and windows. Compatibility with the structure of plastic, UV light irradiation 21 days after the structural adhesive performance has no effect, in line with (building doors and windows with sealant) GB16776 the relevant requirements.

10, the product can be recycled after recycling, is conducive to saving and energy saving, solve the windows and doors enterprises due to the project tailings or design errors caused by the worries.

This shows that for the selection of excellent performance of the sealing strip is particularly important, TPE doors and windows seal has all kinds of unparalleled advantages are the main reason favored by the market, TPE doors and windows seal will become the first choice for high-end doors and windows.