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The magnetic door sealing strip
May 14, 2018

The magnetic door sealing strip is a sealed plastic strip with high temperature and corrosion resistance which is composed of modified non-toxic PVC and permanent magnetic strips. It is widely used in refrigerator, freezer, red wine cabinet, moistureproof cabinet, water dispenser, disinfectant cabinet, towel cabinet and other household appliances products door body and drawer door and box body seal.


According to the use of magnetic door gasket environment, main points and resistance to low temperature magnetic door gasket and high temperature resistant magnetic door gasket, such as refrigerators, freezers on the door gasket for resistance to low temperature, disinfection cabinet, towel ark of sealer insist on high temperature resistance. The temperature resistance is determined by the polymerization degree of polychloroprene resin, the properties of plasticizer and the proportion of other additives.


1. Tensile strength

2. Breaking elongation.

3. Hardness: measured by the scleroscope hardness tester, the hardness unit of the door seal plastic sleeve is HS(A), and the magnetic stripe hardness unit is HS(D).

4. Cold resistance

5. Aging resistance

6. Oil resistance

7. Molecular migration: mainly determined by the performance and content of plasticizers.

8. Mildew resistance: aspergillus aspergillus, discoloration aspergillus, ball hairy shell mould, aspergillus flavus, wood mildew, withered penicillium, pseudo penicillium, blastomyces.

9. Antimicrobial properties