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the development of door window industry
Apr 25, 2018

1. Better sealing effect of building door and window sealing strip: the solution is the combination of solid and sponge requirements -- different stress in different parts.

2. Higher waterproof requirements for the larger facade: the solution is to add the expanded rubber compound.

3. The sealing strip of building doors and Windows has a better anti-seismic effect: the solution is the formulation and surface for special treatment.

4. Anti-stretching requirements of long profile installation: the solution is to add a glass fiber line (reinforced) in the middle of the three-element ethylene propylene seal.

5. Achieve flame retardant effect: the solution is to add a variety of flame retardants to the formulation.

6. Better sealing effect will be achieved on the corner of Windows and doors:

The solutions mainly include:

A, cut the cutting edge of 5-8mm on the strip (main application: European countries)

B. Straight to L Angle (main application: China)

C, straight square frame: (main application: Japan)

Because the sealing strip for improving the physical properties of building doors and Windows plays an important role so that people in the production process of sealing strip and material formula optimization design believe sealing strip production technology and application technology of improvement will be to improve the tightness of building doors and Windows sound insulation performance watertightness play a bigger role.