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Status quo of sealing industry in China
Jun 19, 2017

In recent years, the production and quality of rubber sealing products have gradually entered into a new stage and a new period. However, only these are far from satisfying other industry development to all kinds of rubber sealing products standardization, serialization of product needs, especially with the international advanced countries, China's products in terms of product quality, or in product varieties, there is a considerable gap. This issue of the Forum focused on the concept of sealing science, this paper summarizes the present situation of rubber-plastic sealing, mechanical seal and packing sealing technology, analyzes the gap between China and the world advanced developed countries in the research level and new product development ability, and puts forward some suggestions on the future research of seal field in China. The overall competitiveness of China's sealing industry is not strong known, in our country, the industry can be said to be the smallest industry, but the products can be used with large industrial support. Whether aviation, navigation, petroleum, chemical, or machinery, power generation, metallurgy, mining, etc., can not be separated from seals. In short, any organic, pump, pipe, valve place, are dependent on seals. Therefore, although the industry is small, the involved face is very wide.