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Selection and embedding of Pile Weather Strip
Jan 07, 2018

Plastic window is characterized by heat insulation, sound insulation, dustproof, good sealing, in addition to the window frame material itself has excellent performance, the surrounding use of elastic seal tops is to enable it to obtain the above excellent performance of the important guarantee.

Unlike traditional wooden windows, plastic windows are used in Windows and processes must be equipped with suitable seals, first of all, the plastic window on the installation of glass, broken nails to wipe the traditional method of putty, but the use of plastic layering glass extrusion method, in order to make the glass firm, and not be squeezed, between the glass and plastic layering, must be used- Elastic element. In order to prevent rainwater and dew leakage, such a component, that is, glass seal. Second, in the way the plastic window opens, for example, the Casement window and the Wooden window flat open window also has the difference, the wooden window foot entire sash inserts inside the window frame, but the plastic window sash is in the window frame outside lap frame fan because of the hinge installation request has the bigger question gap, in order to wind, prevent rain and cold. The sealing strip must also be used in the seam fitting between the sash and the window frame. Therefore, the elastic sealing strip in the plastic window has a watertight, airtight and energy-saving role in the audit. The application of the foot-charging window-class necessary supporting materials.