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rubber edge trim seal
Feb 12, 2018

The covered sealing strip production line is a product developed by us in the past two years and has sold dozens of production lines. The clients have counterparts in industries such as Beijing, Hebei, Yongkang and Chengdu, and have won consistent high praise. Package trial of finished products, any type of coated seal can try out, V-series, E-series, skeleton series, each set of equipment to wear three kinds of molds, try out the customer and then delivery payment.

   Cladding seal made of four kinds of fine texture of the composite material products, packaging seal layer of the outer layer wrapped PE film, for the sealing strip provides the most basic quality assurance, but also beautiful, modern Home windows and doors perfect partner; thermosetting core, the main component of PE, which is the main material of the sealing strip, with super plasticity, internal PP skeleton and plastic and double-sided tape imported from Germany to further improve the package Cover seal. Domestic professional manufacturers as of 2013 less than 3.

   Cladded sealing tapes achieved excellent results that surpassed all traditional products in tests such as anti-aging, fatigue resistance, compression set test, compressive strength test, thermal conductivity K value test, water penetration and water permeability test. Sealed energy-saving environmental protection, noise and noise reduction, anti-strong UV, non-toxic, does not react with any paint, detergent, in line with the needs of the theme of green health.

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