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PVC doors and Windows sealing strip and door and window seals are mainly applicable to what range
Jun 19, 2017

PVC doors and Windows sealing strip in the windows and doors played a watertight, airtight and energy-saving important role. According to the role of the sealing strip and the requirements of the use of plastic steel doors and windows must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, cross-section structure size to be matched with plastic steel doors and windows profiles. PVC door and window seals in use is divided into glass seals (plastic strips) and tops two categories, glass seals used for glass and fan and frame between the seals, tops are mainly used for the box and the seal between the fan. The application range of different doors and windows seals, although the doors and windows are tightly constructed, the installation precision is high, and the windows and doors are still equipped with door and window seals. The production of a variety of sealing strip products, applicable to different occasions. Some uses the soft rubber piece, some uses the foam belt, some uses the chemical fiber and the hard plastic compound manufacture, its elasticity and the durability can be very good. Some of the sealing methods are extruded type seals, while others are shielded by brush. Some of the fixed methods are self-adhesive, can be bonded to the box and fan, while others are embedded in the door and window slots; In the final analysis, the type and specification of the door and window seals should be compatible with their own windows and doors to get good results.