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PU synthetic materials
Jul 22, 2018

U lines refer to the lines made from PU synthetic materials.PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, which is called Polyurethane for short.Only simple modification of the formula can obtain different density, elasticity, rigidity and other physical properties.


The main use of pu sealant is civil construction, transportation, etc.In Japan, about 75~80% of polyurethane sealants are used for construction, 15% for automobiles and machinery, and 5% for civil and other purposes.

foam weather strip 5.jpg

In the specific application in the field of architecture are: the connection between concrete casting, building materials and construction joint filler sealing, around the wooden frame of door window and wall of concrete between the sealing caulking, light on the building structure, such as curtain wall sealing paste, balcony, swimming pool, bathroom facilities such as waterproof sealing, air conditioning and other systems joint sealing, heat insulation double deck glass, window frame seal, etc.