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PU foam application
Mar 24, 2018

PU foam sealing strip adopts 100% new collagen base makings, add a certain amount of foaming agent and catalyst, and through a series of processing procedure foaming and become a kind of perforated spongy elastomer.

PU is Polyurethane abbreviation, the Chinese called Polyurethane referred to as Polyurethane. PU is polyurethane abbreviation, generally called foaming PU, refers to the polyurethane foam materials. At present, has a large number of alternative to glass fiber insulation materials, timber, traditional rubber products, etc.

PU foam application:

Building wall thermal insulation materials, wall insulation coating thermal insulation material

Refrigerator container of air-conditioner heat preservation

PU high imitation flowers

The paper printing

The cable chemical fiber

High speed road

Home decoration, corner line, retro background wall)

Furniture (imitation wood table and chair)

Foam filler

Aerospace, automotive industry (sound insulation sealing strip)

High-end sports equipment (example: boxing gloves on the tank, taekwondo spats, judo MATS, etc.)

Synthetic PU leather

Footwear industry

General coatings

Special protective coating

Adhesives etc.

Central venous catheter (medical consumables)