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New type EPDM for high performance sponge sealing strips
Jun 19, 2017

EPDM commercial production has been a 40-year history, during this period, the dosage of EPDM has increased each year. Now, EPDM is widely used in automotive seals, hose, building doors and windows seals, roofing rolls and cables and other industries, is the most widely used elastomer in the field of Tyre. Manufacturers ' investment in EPDM is still increasing. In recent years, ethylene-propylene rubber has made new progress in the application of the sealing products of drinking water and waste water, engine support and windshield windscreen. In addition, the demand of the TPV market containing EPDM is also relatively large. At present, the global demand for EPDM exceeds 900,000 T, 2005 to 1 million T. Many in the industry are already beginning to see whether the market is fully saturated. Since most experts active in this field are no longer using EPDM as a special rubber, there are many possibilities for development in the field of application. In the research and development of ethylene propylene rubber application efforts, has gradually surpassed the products such as polyethylene.