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Method of saving rubber sealing strip
Jun 19, 2017

Rubber material is very common in our life, and we will find that the rubber seals are very difficult to preserve, especially in summer. In a high-temperature environment for a long time, one of the most likely problems with rubber seals is the melting deformation. Therefore, in the preservation or maintenance of the seal of the time must pay attention to the following points: first, to avoid a long period of direct sunlight, the sun is too strong for the aging of rubber is fatal, rubber is generally black, heat-absorbing ability, so will lead to temperature rise, so that its physical properties change, the most direct result is softened. Second, to avoid high temperature environment, the front said that direct sunlight will cause high temperature deformation. The heat also has a little harm that will cause the rubber to melt. Third, the preservation environment of rubber seals should be dry, which is also an important factor to prevent their aging. In short, a word summarizing the preservation environment of rubber seals is to avoid light, cool and dry environment.