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How to use wooden door seal correctly
Apr 10, 2018

How to use wooden door seal correctly? We think the answer to this question is to be divided into three parts.

First of all, these seals must be in a good slot. Many wooden door at the beginning of the design for the corresponding seal object reserved corresponding card slot, the card slot is already been closely calculated to leave out, so at the time of sealing strip was laid must good card slot, such ability can let the sealing contact with wooden door tightly, thus reducing the generation of cracks, so as to really give play to the role of article seal airtight, let a room no air leakage.

Second, do not expose these seals to corrosive substances. There are a lot of things in our life is corrosive, such as the vinegar is the best example, wooden door sealing gasket sealing strip although itself has various kinds and according to the construction of subject material non-metallic, half metal and metal gasket is divided into three broad categories.

Non-metallic gasket gasket. Non-metallic gaskets are soft, corrosion-resistant and inexpensive, but have poor resistance to temperature and pressure. Used for the flange seal of medium and low pressure vessel or pipe in room temperature and medium temperature.

Non-metallic gaskets include rubber gaskets, asbestos gaskets, asbestos pads, flexible graphite pads and ptfe MATS.

Rubber sheet sealing gasket. The main materials for making rubber sheet gaskets are natural rubber, nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, etc. Besides, special rubber such as fluoro rubber is also used. Rubber has a compact structure, texture soft, good resilience, easy to cut into various shapes, and cheap, tesco, etc and are widely used in sealed containers and pipes, but it is not resistant to high pressure, easy to dissolve in the mineral oil and expansion and is corrosion, easy to aging at high temperatures, loss of resilience.

Asbestos gasket. Asbestos materials are made of wet asbestos and blue asbestos. Wet asbestos heat resistance, good alkali resistance, high tensile strength, poor acid resistance, most asbestos rubber sheet made by it; Blue asbestos not only has good heat resistance, but also has good acid resistance, so it is used in the manufacture of acid-resistant asbestos rubber sheet. The normal temperature of asbestos plate is below 550 degrees. A large diameter low pressure vessel may use asbestos tape or asbestos rope. When using asbestos ropes, usually impregnated with water glass. Acid, alkali solvent and other media can also use such gaskets.

Asbestos rubber sheet gasket. Asbestos rubber sheets are made of asbestos, rubber and stuffing. Generally, asbestos fiber accounts for 60% to 85%. According to its process, performance and use, it is mainly high pressure asbestos rubber sheet, medium, low pressure asbestos rubber sheet and oil resistant asbestos rubber sheet.

The asbestos rubber sheet has the properties of suitable strength, elasticity and softness. It is convenient and cheap to make gaskets. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry.