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How to maintain the car seal in daily life
Apr 04, 2018

Should periodically check to see if there is crack, have broken phenomenon, if you find that the situation of the sealing strip breaking you can get the ball to mending adhesive, the adhesive is specially used for bonding, so it is easy to crack mend. If you have a big crack or an aging problem, you don't need to use a binder to replace a new one. The method of replacement is simple, but it is best to ask the professional to update it for good effect.

In the usual maintenance process includes the following, first to the detergent to wash, not're done after cleaning, also painted a layer of protective agent, so that we can prevent aging, but also can prevent dust.

The sealing strip is a very important part in the door and window, it can ensure the door window watertight still can reduce the sound insulation, also have the function that is protected by the outside force. However, due to the normal sun exposure, it can cause aging, shrinkage or deformation, so we need to check regularly.