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How To Maintain The Automobile Seal
Jun 19, 2017

To periodically check whether there is a crack, there is no rupture of the phenomenon if you find the seal bar appears.In case of rupture, you can find a binder to fix it, and the binder here is designed to.Bonding, so it is not difficult to mend the cracks. If you have a large crack or an aging degree,

Then you won't have to use the binder anymore. It's better to replace a new one. The replacement method is very simple.Single, but in order to play a good effect it is best to ask the professional to update. In peacetime maintenance process contains the following items, first to wash detergent, after cleaning is not done, but also to apply a layer of protective agent, this can prevent aging, but also to prevent dust. Sealing strip is a very important part of the door and window, it can not only ensure the watertight doors and windows can also reduce noise, but also by the role of external protection. However, due to the usual sun exposure will produce aging, contraction or deformation of the phenomenon so we have to check regularly.

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