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How do I use the window seal
Apr 25, 2018

Article, glass mat and seam allowance strip (window frame and window sash) according to strip will be after the clear Angle welding surface along the direction of correct strip with special roller slit push in a little hard to profile, at the same time will strip head to press until embedded profiles within the slot. Because the strip is elastomer, after rolling, may appear retraction, the correct method is: when the strip installation ends to the outlet, will strip both ends to bounce back a bit, and leave 2-3 cm shrinkage allowance, then cut embedded within the slot

2. Glass bead: press the adhesive strip into the groove by hand in the correct way, then press the adhesive strip to the surface, and press the tape into the gap between the glass and the section. The tape of the two ends is retracted in the middle, allowing 1-2 cm length to be cut and pressed into the slot.