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General conditions can be added
Mar 24, 2018

General conditions can be added.

Wooden door sealing strip is mainly composed of good elasticity and compression deformation, ageing resistance, ozone resistance, chemical action, the use of a wider temperature range (- 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃) of EPDM foam rubber (EPDM) compounded with dense, contains unique metal fixture and tongue clasp, strong and durable, good for installation.

The most obvious is shockproof, put it after the door stop line to reduce (or even disappear) crash when close the door (window), a protective effect on the edge of the door leaf, and prolong the service life of the door, reduced the noise. The second is seal, shock absorption, isolation of indoor and outdoor air, effectively a heat preservation, energy saving effect, and will prevent mosquitoes and other small insects from drilling into the room.

The sealing strip usually has two types of installation:

1. The groove seal is to open a groove on the door frame, and the sealing strip is installed. This type of grooving seal makes the sealing strip not easy to fall off in the groove, and easy to install. However, this seal requires that the door frame should be grooved at the time of production, and it is not suitable for post-loading.

2. Pasted seal strip, the back of the seal is flat, with high strength adhesive material, which can be glued to the door frame. This form is suitable for loading.