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Doors and windows maintenance methods
Jul 24, 2018

First, troubleshooting

Doors and windows in use, the action should be as light as the light off, do not force too much, the doors and windows open, found obstacles, should first rule out the malfunction.

Second, cleaning methods

Often scrub doors and windows, keep the surface clean, not be polluted and corrosive, scrub try to choose soft gauze or cotton, so as not to scratch the surface of doors and windows. The best time to wipe the windows and doors to remove the window, you can wipe clean, but also to ensure safety.

Third, anti-corrosion

Try to avoid acidic, alkaline chemicals contact with doors and windows surface, in the stains and stolen goods, available with a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent for cleaning, so you can prevent the doors and windows from corrosion.

Fourth, parts maintenance

Often check the doors and windows of all kinds of hardware accessories, such as the phenomenon of damage found in a timely manner to repair or replacement, keep windows and doors open and close easy and flexible