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Doors and Windows are usually installed with sealing strips
Mar 23, 2018

Doors and Windows are usually installed with sealing strips, which can prevent dust and water and seal. But many people don't know much about it, especially when it comes to installing it.

The door and window seal strip is mainly used in the window of plastic steel doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, wood doors and Windows, aluminum package doors and Windows and other architectural decoration doors and Windows. The door and window sealing strips in the market are generally made of PVC, modified PVC, epdm, elastomer seal (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silica gel and other materials. According to the use of different types can be divided into door - door sealing strip, wool, glass seal strip (strip) three broad categories. Doors/set of seal between the sealing strip is mainly used for doors and door frame, the galley is mainly used for door frame and door leaf, the seal between the sealing strip is mainly used for glass and the seal between door leaf and frame.

Door and window seal strip installation precautions.

1, install the glass before notches to remove impurities, such as mortar, brick, wood, etc., glass should be carefully placed, ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and more are fixed in time, prevent collision shift, deviating from the groove center.

2. The rubber seal cannot be pulled too tight, and the length of the material is 20 to 30mm longer than the length of the assembly. The installation should be set in place, the surface is straight, close contact with glass and glass groove, so that the surrounding force of the glass is uniform. In the corner of the rubber strip should be inclined to disconnect, and at the break of the adhesive bonding firm.

3, when using a fixed glass sealant caulking, rubber or rubber should be used first glass choke, leave a note glue, rubber injection depth should not be less than 5 mm, before the adhesive curing, glass is not affected by the vibration shall be maintained.