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Door and window sealing strip
Jun 19, 2017

Door and Window seals Category: PVC door and window sealing strip, aluminum alloy door and window seals, wood door seals, cold storage door seals, grain depot door seals, fire-retardant doors and windows sealing strip, glass seal, automatic revolving door seals, building door seals, curtain walls and so on. Doors and Windows sealing strip features: Plastic steel doors and windows in recent years the use of a wide range of new generation doors and windows, it is better than the common door and window sealing strip has more corrosion resistance, weather resistance, noise insulation effect. PVC doors and Windows sealing strip surface clean, not only has excellent sealing waterproof performance, but also play a beautiful decorative role. In material selection, the general requirements of higher manufacturers are selected EPDM rubber or thermoplastic epdm. Ternary ethylene Propylene (EPDM) products of the main properties: non-toxic products, environmental protection, anti-aging and high-temperature resistance, stable performance, summer and winter can maintain good performance.