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Car seals
Jun 19, 2017

Sealing is an important index of vehicle quality, and automobile seal product is one of the important parts of the resolution, it is widely used in car front and rear windshield, door, window, launch cabin, trunk parts, such as body parts, to fill the gap between the body, with damping, waterproof, dustproof, noise, decoration and other functions, on the division by the personnel and the whole vehicle to maintain the role. The classification of automobile sealing strip products has many ways, usually according to the device parts (parts) of the title, data varieties, composite data quantity, working characteristics and other factors to stop classification. In accordance with the location of the device (parts) of the title classification is the most common way, it includes the launch of engine room seals, front and rear wind window seals, car door frame seals, door seals, door glass guide groove seals, door dust, car doors and windows inside and outside the sealing strip, side window seals, skylight seals, car roof seals, trunk (luggage) seals and so on. Automobile seals the industry's large number of consumer enterprises, the scope of a small, but also difficult to form a range of climate, and foreign similar to the billions of-yuan business closed down the enterprise is very far. At the same time, with the gradual recovery of the international economy, the export demand for automotive seals will increase year after decade, the automobile seal industry experienced a 2009-year blowout market burst baptism, will usher in a period of rapid development.