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Automotive sealing strip was dominated by have good elasticityAutomotive sealing strip was dominated by have good elasticity
Apr 06, 2018

   Automotive sealing strip was dominated by have good elasticity and compression deformation, ageing resistance, ozone resistance, chemical action, the use of a wider temperature range (- 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃) of EPDM foam rubber (EPDM) compounded with dense, it contains unique metal fixture and tongue clasp, strong and durable, good for installation.

   Nowadays, with the rapid development of our country's economy, all kinds of mechanical equipment adopts the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission and control, increasing requirements for sealing technology also is increasing day by day, as the main product of seal and seal, also occupies an important position in the market. Sealing strips are widely used in many industries because of their different USES, styles and materials. In daily life, we also can see a lot of places use the seal strip, for example in the door window to play a better fixed role, make door window reduce a lot of aperture. The product design requirement is also relatively high, if the design is not good, can not get good sealing effect, whether the size, or the shape, must be just right.