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Attention should be paid before installing the window sealing strip
Jun 09, 2018


1. Attention should be paid before installing the window sealing strip

A slot, installation before making glass, remove the impurities, such as mortar, brick, wood, etc., glass should be carefully placed, ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and more are fixed in time, prevent collision shift, deviating from the groove center.

B. The rubber sealing strip shall not be pulled too tight, and the blanking length shall be 220-3omm longer than the assembly length. When installing, it should be inlaid in place, the surface is flat and straight, and it should be in close contact with the glass and glass groove, so that the surrounding glass is under uniform force. The rubber strip at the corner should be cut off by oblique surface and cemented with adhesive at the break.

C. When fixing glass with sealing glue, the glass should be squeezed by rubber strips or rubber blocks first, leaving a space for glue injection. The depth of glue injection should not be less than 5mm

D. The installation position of the wool strip is generally on the window (door) fan, around the frame fan or on the sealing bridge (wind block), to enhance the sealing between the frame and the fan.

E. sliver specification is an important factor affecting sliding door window and watertight performance, and also an important factor influencing door and window switching force. The oversize or overcoat of wool strip makes the door and window move resistance increase, especially the initial resistance when opening and the position resistance when closing.