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About the building doors and windows sealant strip
Jun 19, 2017

Plastic doors and windows with its good sealing in recent years quickly occupied the market, and become a national focus on the promotion of building materials products, its excellent sealing and sealing the credit is inseparable. Doors and windows to activities, in the doors and windows on both sides and the bottom must be left with a gap, the only way to easy opening and closing. However, these voids also make noise, dust into the door, and the indoor heat insulation caused by the impact of energy waste, generally speaking, through the house windows and doors gap is usually about 12% of the total heat loss. As a result, good sealing effect on the quality of doors and windows, and the main sealing effect of the sealing bar is particularly important, its quality directly determines the quality of doors and windows. The commonly used seal in China is nitrile rubber (NBR) mixed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it also has PVC resistance to ozone and NBR's resistance to oil and crosslinking, with good physical and mechanical properties, the main raw materials of PVC rich source, low price, so the application is quite extensive. Through different processing methods, sealing strips can be divided into silica and non-silica, GB Gb12002-12002 to plastic doors and windows with a more detailed quality standards. Silicone sealing strip is made of polypropylene fiber processed by silicone oil, the sealing strip after silicone oil treatment can obviously improve the waterproof performance of doors and windows, while anti-aging, flexibility and lodging resistance have been significantly improved. In industry standard JC T635-1995, the sealing strip must be treated by silica.