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3m weatherstrip adhesive door seal tape
May 17, 2018

Doors and Windows of rubber sealing strip is installed in the door window frame, door and glass, it relies on EPDM has remarkable elastic performance of Windows and doors profiles, hardware, glass can be closely linked, combined as a whole, according to the basic principle of energy-saving Windows and doors, such as pressure design, have the effect of the sealing pressure, etc, so as to achieve required by the Windows and doors and three standards and energy conservation standards, so that to improve the air tightness and water tightness of doors and Windows, sound insulation performance has a crucial role, will make Windows really qualified energy-saving Windows and doors. In addition, there are still many manufacturers in the industry of doors and Windows that do not talk about the technical connection and wholeness of the Windows and doors system, and the doors and Windows sections and accessories are all pieced together.

With the technology of rubber seal and the progress of making materials, more and more sealing products are born, and the foam sealing strip is one of them. Compared with our manufacturer of rubber sealing strip, its advantage is very obvious, the first is on the seal, the sealing strip has the advantages of soft and elastic effect is good, so can be done for the processing of detail on the seal. Also, the foam sealing strips are lighter in texture and stable in chemical properties, so they are suitable for sealing anywhere.

The rubber seal of door and window is not fixed for the price of foam sealing strip, because its development is not mature, so it needs to be further improved both technically and in the market. At present the main factors affecting the price is the production materials, because of all kinds of sponge foam sealing strip of raw material is different, so the production of sealing strip is also a gap in terms of quality. And as technology advances, more and more foam seals are born. In addition, production efficiency is also an important factor affecting its price. Because the technology has not reached the same level as the rubber seal product in the production of foam sealing strip, it is also an important factor affecting its price and market.