Coated Sealing Strip

  • Door Weather Stripping

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    Door Weather Stripping

    Density of PU heat preservation plate production technology, polyurethane foam insulation board is to make the wall thermal insulation and equipment insulation permanent corrosion resistance of the ideal thermal insulation material most light weight and convenient... Read More

  • Exterior Door Weather Stripping

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    Exterior Door Weather Stripping

    Sealing strip cladding type composed of four germplasm to excellent material composite products - tough outer cortex, not only for sealing strip cladding type by providing the most basic quality assurance, and beautiful and easy, is modern household doors and Windows perfect... Read More

  • Exterior Door Weather Seal

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    Exterior Door Weather Seal

    Cover PU composite sealing strip and high-grade mute magnetic lock body, 42 decibels, sound insulation is general wooden door 2 times the sound insulation effect, reduce the doors closed the impact of sound, let you in the closing moments of meditation. Return to self, purify... Read More

  • Window Stripping Seal Tape Garage Door Gasket

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    Window Stripping Seal Tape Garage Door Gasket

    The product is cover a layer of soft sealing material composite membrane waterproof, abrasion resistant, anti-aging, prolong the service life of sealing material, it can be applied directly to the aperture of all kinds of doors and Windows sealed, suitable for all kinds of... Read More

  • Weather Stripping Door Frame

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    Weather Stripping Door Frame

    Foam sealing strip is the use of some features of materials through processing the internal porosity of a sealing strip. Divided into EPDM (EPDM) foam sealing strip, the silicone foam sealing strip, PU foam sealing strip. Foam sealing strip by microwave curing process a... Read More

  • Door Weather Stripping Weather Sealant

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    Door Weather Stripping Weather Sealant

    The bubble seal is a kind of sealing strip that USES the properties of certain materials to process the pores inside. It is divided into EPDM foaming seals, silicone foam seals and PU foam seals. The foam sealing strip is formed by microwave vulcanization process, and the... Read More

  • Stick On Weather Strip Door Bottom

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    Stick On Weather Strip Door Bottom

    The appearance of the dense rubber sealing strip quality standard is: the rubber sealing strip is more use of ageing resistance, low temperature resistant, resistant to moisture, resistant to chemical corrosion, especially ozone aging resistance of EPDM (EPDM). EPDM can with... Read More

  • Thin Weather Stripping

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    Thin Weather Stripping

    Pu is the abbreviation of polyurethane, which is a sealing strip made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is heated to melt and filled in the gap. After the temperature is lowered, it has certain sealing performance. PU hot seal, simply a kind of polyurethane hot melt... Read More

  • Door Jamb Weatherstrip

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    Door Jamb Weatherstrip

    Differences in traditional PU foam sealing strip and sealing strip is as follows; 1) the use of advanced thermoplastic rubber Santoprene ® (TPE) or nitrile butadiene rubber and chlorosulfonated polyethylene composite with; 2) characteristics of ozone resistance, resistance to... Read More

  • Brush Weather Stripping

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    Brush Weather Stripping

    The key of doors and Windows is sealed. And the sealing effect, the tape plays a key role. Sealing strip in the building Windows and doors must have enough tensile strength, good flexibility, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, cross section structure size to be... Read More

  • Entry Door Seal

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    Entry Door Seal

    Although the sealing strip is a wooden door accessory, belongs to small role, but its function cannot be underestimated. Doors and door cover aperture, wooden door is the weakest link, is also the most easily overlooked, however, the sound insulation of wooden door,... Read More

  • Interior Door Weather Stripping

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    Interior Door Weather Stripping

    Fixed seal, weatherproof seal, oil seal, fireproof and anti-smoke seal, decorative strip, dustproof seal, rotary seal, water seal, waterproof. Read More

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